Budget control for those on low income

A no-nonsense app

Beta-usage by 20,000 people

The city of Amsterdam would like to help vulnerable groups within their community with their daily expenditure. Clockwork developed TOMMI€: a no-nonsense budget-control app for all those living in Amsterdam and who could do with some help making ends meet.


Together with the city of Amsterdam Clockwork developed a prototype of an easy-to-use balance-checker app. TOMMI€ (Tommie) connects your expenses with your daily budget, and gives you (friendly) feedback on your spending. In clear, easy-to-understand imagery, not with complicated words and terminology.

TOMMI€ (beta) seems to be extremely valuable through its incredible simplicity, especially for a target audience who thinks that bank-apps are too complicated and not easily accessible. Users became more cost conscious, had a better overview of their finances and learnt to plan their expenditure.

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Martin Koersen

Managing Director