Online bigger than offline

Fastest implementation ever

Flexible environment

Denham had the desire to have a bigger presence online than offline. That’s a challenge as Denham is currently opening stores in big cities all over the world, at lightning speed. They asked Clockwork to build a strong, flexible base as quickly as possible, in time for their international expansion.

Working agile, we developed a new website within 9 weeks - from briefing to going live, using Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This included design, optimised copy, and changing the PSP (Payment Service Provider/Personal Software Process/PlayStation Portable?), ERP as well as warehousing.

Denham, a premium brand, needed a premium online shop, and that’s what they got. The fast-growing retail chain succeeded to achieve more sales online than offline, whilst Clockwork will continue to develop innovative e-commerce features for Denham.

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